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Sell Your Henry County House for What it’s Worth

In my capacity as Henry County real estate information-gatherer, I really couldn’t pass up last week’s, “How to Sell Your House for More than It’s Worth.”  I know; I know: that’s the kind of web clickbait we’ve all lear ... [read full post]
published July 12, 2018

Sense-sational Real Estate: Selling to All the Senses

When we think of traditional Henry County real estate sales scenarios, most of us would initially picture the photos that dominate the MLS listing and the information we read onscreen. Then, if those impressions were positive, the next step would be seeing how well t ... [read full post]
published June 8, 2018

To Sell Your Henry County House, Seize the Timing Advantage

As with any momentous decision, settling on when to sell your Henry County house can take time—and even then, acting on the decision can be slowed by extraneous factors. Who doesn’t have local obligations to deal with and Henry County&nb ... [read full post]
published June 6, 2018

Some Henry County Consumers see Credit Score Bumps

It isn’t exactly Christmas-in-May, but for some Henry County consumers, a valuable present they weren’t expecting will show up this month. The surprise gift will arrive in the form of a boost to their all-important credit score. The newly minted credit sc ... [read full post]
published May 24, 2018

To Sell Your Henry County Home: Go Boring!

It may sound paradoxical, but one proven way to sell your Henry County home is to make it boring…or at least, a little bit more boring. The principle here stems from buyer psychology—specifically, the difference between a house that would make a great t ... [read full post]
published May 22, 2018

In Multiple Offer Scenarios, Last Step First Wins the Day

Particularly when the supply of homes for sale falls well below demand, house hunting can take more determination than usual. Since U.S. residential real estate markets have been long mired in exactly that lean-inventory situation—the accompanying publicity could dis ... [read full post]
published May 16, 2018

Answered: the Best Time for Selling Your Henry County House

When is the best time for selling your Henry County house? Is there even a best time? If the change in residence is triggered by some inflexible external factor (like a transfer at work), the answer is foreordained: NOW! That can be right now, or in November, or February&mdash ... [read full post]
published May 15, 2018

Your Henry County Listing Should Have a Story to Tell

The text that accompanies your listing as it appears in the Henry County MLS listings is called upon to do more heavy lifting than you might think. If it reads something like: THREE BEDROOM ranch style Henry County charmer with 2 ½ baths, attractive kitchen, and fully ... [read full post]
published May 9, 2018

Your Credit Score: It’s No Longer a Hush-Hush Affair

 If you’re a typical Henry County consumer, like most Georgia residents, it wasn’t too long ago that you were being constantly bombarded by offers to let you in on a secret: your credit score. The “free credit score” ads got a lot of res ... [read full post]
published April 27, 2018

Short Real Estate Quiz Would Expose Kids to Fundamentals

Even though the average adult homeowner spends about a quarter of his/her or their hard-earned income on real estate-related expenses, there’s no Mcdonough high school course that teaches real estate fundamentals. We may have all grown up accepting that fact, but whe ... [read full post]
published April 24, 2018

Henry County Real Estate and an Aging in Place Challenge

 While much attention is directed at the phalanx of youthful first-time homebuyers, the  Millennials and GenXers aren’t the only groups who are having a substantial influence on the direction of Henry County’s real estate market. Whether they are tagg ... [read full post]
published April 23, 2018

Buying a House in Mcdonough Means Charting Your Course

Once you’ve settled on the goal of buying your first Mcdonough house, it’s hard to resist getting out there and getting started immediately! No matter if you know how vital it is to stick to a realistic budget on a purchase that’s this substantial, as soon as y ... [read full post]
published April 13, 2018

For Stockbridge Home Furnishing Decisions, Classical is Safe

The majority of Stockbridge homeowners make most home furnishing decisions piecemeal rather than in a single remodeling blitz. Even when you move to a new home, for practical reasons most of your household furnishings come with. Favorite pieces of furniture, art objects, and ... [read full post]
published April 9, 2018

Henry County House Hunting: an Ever-Fascinating Enterprise

  A couple of weeks ago the Realtor website ran a 90-second video about How to Buy with a core message that could be helpful to anyone who has set about house hunting in Henry County. The theme was about the value of compromise—not insisting on a rigid checklist ... [read full post]
published April 6, 2018

Mcdonough Buyers May Benefit as Home Loan Requirements Ease

Mcdonough readers who perused The Washington Post’s “Real Estate” section recently found a most encouraging piece of information—particularly if they were among many the younger and first-time home seekers who worry about qualifying for a home loan. ... [read full post]
published April 4, 2018

Journal Exposé Details Why Stockbridge Agents Deserve the Nod

Stockbridge real estate agents who happened upon last week’s Wall Street Journal feature might have been jolted by the headline, “How to Sell Your Home Without a Real-Estate Agent.” Why would the Journal—one of the most sophisticated observers of ... [read full post]
published March 28, 2018

For Stockbridge Residents, Clarity for Existing Home Sales News

Can existing home sales slide at the same time they advance? Stockbridge real estate watchers who have heard similar conflicting accounts on successive news reports could be forgiven for deciding somebody is confused. They might be right about that, but in fact, both rep ... [read full post]
published March 23, 2018

“Amazon Effect” Reaches into Henry County Neighborhood Choices

Amazon—or, more precisely, the Amazon phenomenon—is bound to have an increasing impact on Henry County residential neighborhood preferences. The connection hasn’t yet been widely acknowledged, but it’s hard to deny the logic behind it. The connection ... [read full post]
published March 22, 2018

Mcdonough’s Calendar Delivers 6 Reasons It’s Selling Season!

Today, Mcdonough calendars mark the first day of spring: the vernal equinox. The onset of astronomical spring doesn’t quite coincide with Mcdonough’s real estate spring selling season, which most agree should be considered to start 12 days later, at the start of ... [read full post]
published March 20, 2018

For Henry County First-Time Homebuyers, an Inspiring Example

Last week’s short news item could serve as inspiration for future Henry County first-time homebuyers—especially for those who haven’t yet considered the possibility of owning their own Henry County home. The item in question was news of the passing of ... [read full post]
published March 16, 2018

Last Week’s Call to Action: Buy the Home of Your Dreams

The question posed in last week’s article was certainly scary enough: “Is It Last Call for Low Mortgage Rates?” If you have been putting off getting ready to buy your next Mcdonough home, it could well have been a potent call to action. For ... [read full post]
published March 14, 2018

Zeroing in on Valuable Henry County Spot House Improvements

You don’t have to be planning to sell your home to enjoy the benefits from what you might call a few ‘strategic spot improvements.’ These are limited renovations aimed at specific areas of a house—improvements that might not seem essential to Hen ... [read full post]
published March 9, 2018

2 Obscure Factors Influence Mcdonough Mortgage Loan Decisions

Whether you are about to embark on your first Mcdonough home search or your umpteenth, unless you’ve managed to save enough to make you a cash buyer, soon you’ll need to secure a mortgage loan from a bank or other lending institution. To understand what lies ... [read full post]
published March 8, 2018

Right Now, Five Reasons for Buying Your Stockbridge Home

There’s no challenging that ancient fable about the boy who cried wolf—which boils down to a simple story about why false alarms turn into more than minor irritants when a real wolf shows up. I can’t think of a comparable fable for the opposite situation, whi ... [read full post]
published February 5, 2018

The “My Mcdonough House Will Sell Itself” Conundrum

You might think that when your house is in terrific shape, that’s all you need to guarantee a quick, successful sale. Just because it is located in a desirable Mcdonough neighborhood on a great street populated with conscientious neighbors—and just because it ... [read full post]
published February 2, 2018

Top 7 Things that Tie Stockbridge Real Estate to the Super Bowl

Readers who check in here regularly know that every once in a while I’m moved to relate Stockbridge real estate matters to various hot issues that are claiming the popular imagination. Such topics used to be called “water cooler talk” (but that was bef ... [read full post]
published January 31, 2018

CTW in Henry County Proves the Prudence of Buying a Home

If you find yourself in a quandary over whether to jump into buying a home now or waiting for a clearer signal that the time is right, there is one method you can use to inject some hard numbers into your decision. It’s called the CTW. CTW stands for “C ... [read full post]
published January 29, 2018

Selling Your Home in Mcdonough Calls for Project Restraint

If you are planning on selling your Mcdonough home—perhaps as early as this spring—you’ve already begun to give thought to getting it in shape for photography and showings. Some of the most obvious projects will be the most important (cleaning and de-cluttering are ... [read full post]
published January 25, 2018

3 Simple Moves Build Power for Buying Your Stockbridge House

Since buying a house in Stockbridge is rarely a spur-of-the-moment decision, the shrewdest way to use any lead time is to fortify your side of the coming transaction. After all, there will be two sides striking that bargain. For their side, the sellers will have to spruce ... [read full post]
published January 23, 2018

High Binance: Henry County Real Estate and Bitcoin Fever

“Bitcoin Fever Hits US Real Estate Market” screamed last week’s headline—but like most of the other news stories about bitcoin, the details were less than convincing. Certainly, Henry County real estate has yet to be diagnosed with a serious case ... [read full post]
published January 22, 2018

Mcdonough Homeowners Share in Home Equity Rebound

We’ve all witnessed the remarkable rebound in real estate values—and last week, the scale of that recovery was the subject of a CNBC commentary. “A growing number of homeowners are in the money,” it found; then, “Homeowners are sitting on t ... [read full post]
published January 16, 2018

Four Priorities for Your Best Henry County Retirement Property

Whenever you set about planning for a move to a new home, particularly if you are an experienced homeowner, you usually don’t need to create a whole new priority list of factors you’ll be looking for. But by the time you have capped off a full career—when retirement ... [read full post]
published January 12, 2018

Stockbridge Stands by as Arctic “Bomb Cyclone” Nails the Nation

They called it a “bomb cyclone”—a name hardly intended to bring peace of mind to those experiencing the worst of it. In essence, it was a remarkable surge of bitter arctic air that tore through much of the Great Lakes and East Coast. Improbable images fr ... [read full post]
published January 9, 2018

Henry County Mortgage Payments and Bribery That’s Legal!

 In Spanish-speaking countries, a bribe is known as mordida. In Italy, spintarella; in parts of Asia, baksheesh. Baksheesh can also mean a tip, which is perfectly legal and ethical in a restaurant, but not so much in a bank or government off ... [read full post]
published January 5, 2018

Real Estate Appraisals in Stockbridge: Edging Toward Automation

Some predictions for New Year 2018 may be controversial, but one trend is beyond question: almost every sector of everyday life in Stockbridge will continue to be transformed—either incrementally or massively—by automation of one sort or another. Hordes of self-dr ... [read full post]
published December 29, 2017

Nudging Renters into Becoming 1st-Time Henry County Homebuyers

Last week’s “Moneywatch” article on was a surefire attention grabber. It promised to reveal a single “must do” tip for first-time homebuyers. The main point covered familiar ground—but within the supporting information were some fa ... [read full post]
published December 28, 2017

Mcdonough Real Estate: Scoping a Clearer Picture for 2018

It’s irresistible: peering into the new year, trying to guess what the Mcdonough real estate landscape will look like in the coming 365 days. At the close of an outstanding 2017, although it’s always a little foolish to assume too much about details in a wor ... [read full post]
published December 27, 2017

To Sell Your House Quickly, a Disappearing Act

To sell your Henry County house for the best price in the shortest amount of time is a goal that can be advanced by a particular kind of homeowner flexibility. It’s a trait somewhat out of phase with other attributes that generally belong to people who succeed in ... [read full post]
published December 22, 2017

Of Henry County Real Estate Values and Missing Zambonis

Last week’s real estate news didn’t rate front page headlines, but I spotted three items of interest—two of which have implications for Henry County real estate values. Both fall in line with upbeat news about the economy that permeated the airwaves. Hol ... [read full post]
published December 11, 2017

Mcdonough Listing Gawkers—Pros and Amateurs Abound

It was right there in the entirely respectable Architectural Digest’s site: an article championing late-night stalking. Happily, it wasn’t the kind of stalking that winds up in a courtroom. The non-crime being confessed to on AD was writer Isabel Galupo& ... [read full post]
published December 5, 2017

Best of the 5 Seasons for Buying a House in Stockbridge

If you are a well-organized prospective Stockbridge house buyer, you have been weighing many factors as you prepare to start serious house hunting. One of the factors to consider is seasonal: that is, which of the five seasons is most favorable for buying a house? It’s a fact tha ... [read full post]
published December 4, 2017

4 Tips for a More Economical Stockbridge Winter

Officially, it may not be winter in Stockbridge yet, but the end of November is more than a signal to turn to the last page in 2017’s calendar. It’s definitely time for Stockbridge residents to secure their domiciles against the mercury drops Mother Nature ... [read full post]
published December 1, 2017

Approximating Mcdonough Mortgage Refi Requirements

If you use a credit card or Mcdonough bank checking account’s online system, you may have noticed the appearance of a free service: FICO score tracking. You find it as a clickable area with a link title like “Your FICO® score” or just “FICO&r ... [read full post]
published November 29, 2017

A Single Underlying Factor When Applying for a Mortgage

Every mortgage lender develops their own unique guidelines for evaluating the factors contained in a home loan application. These may change from time to time so that their portfolios stay “balanced”—that is, so that the cumulative risk represented by ... [read full post]
published November 17, 2017

Mcdonough Sellers Evaluate For Sale by Owner Websites

It’s illuminating to visit For Sale by Owner websites from time to time to see if there are any new insights to be gleaned. True, as a licensed Mcdonough Realtor®, I’m not likely to learn much new when it comes to selling Mcdonough homes—b ... [read full post]
published November 15, 2017

Henry County Homeowners Gain from Home Value Optimism

More than half of U.S. homeowners expect their home’s value to rise in the coming year. For Henry County real estate watchers who track public sentiment as a market indicator, the news comes as a welcome addition to other reports of rising consumer optimis ... [read full post]
published November 14, 2017

Henry County Real Estate Braces for a New Kind of Reality

Henry County real estate has greatly benefitted from one offshoot of “virtual” technology. Just click on a listing’s “virtual tour” button and a progression of two-dimensional views of the listed property parade across your laptop or smartphone scr ... [read full post]
published November 13, 2017

World Series is Over: Your Home Selling Negotiations Aren’t

When it comes to appraising and developing appropriate responses to offers on your Henry County home, I’m here to offer counsel and guidance. Even so, you are the ultimate decision maker. Especially for Henry County homeowners without previous selling experience, bec ... [read full post]
published November 10, 2017

Your Mcdonough Homeowners Insurance Annual Checkup

It’s one of those Mcdonough documents most of us stash in a safe, out-of-the-way place—somewhere in the furthest recesses of a linen closet or at the back of a bureau drawer. Renters do the same: they don’t actually read the thing, but they know they wa ... [read full post]
published November 9, 2017

Recent Developments Impact the Henry County’s Real Estate Scene

A couple of recent developments made the news recently that promised to impact Henry County’s real estate scene either now or in the future. The one that got most of the attention last Wednesday came from a familiar source: Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen. Her ... [read full post]
published March 27, 2016

Threatening Factors Absent from Henry County Housing Market

This spring’s Henry County housing market continues to reflect most of the trends that have held sway across much of the nation. There is good news, not-so-good news, and (happy to report) no really bad news at all. In fact, it’s the absence of threaten ... [read full post]
published March 18, 2016

A Henry County HELOC Can Add a Liquidity Option

It’s hard to imagine anyone in Henry County who hasn’t been hearing worried Wall Street commentators discussing the latest news. Starting with the worst January performance on record, even people without a lot of affected investments are aware of how ri ... [read full post]
published February 23, 2016

Today, Henry County Homes For Sale have Two Levels of ‘Curb Appeal’

The way the ‘curb appeal’ phenomenon applies to a Henry County home for sale is explained simply enough. Like the packaging on a store shelf item, its mission is to break through the competition—to strike a responsive chord with potential buyers. ... [read full post]
published February 20, 2016

For Henry County Moving Days, 5 Practical Planning Tips

When a Henry County home seller tallies the total financial impact of selling the old and then buying the new home, in addition to the closing and brokerage costs, the expense of the move has to be reckoned, too. It may seem like an afterthought, but especially for ... [read full post]
published February 4, 2016

Henry County REALTOR® Launches Real Estate List Inquiry

When you go searching for the latest Henry County real estate news online, as likely as not you will find the lion’s share is dominated by advertisements (not to complain: I advertise, too) and the current Henry County listings. There is rarely any true Henr ... [read full post]
published February 2, 2016

Henry County Foreclosure Listings are Bargains Worth Investigating

       It is entirely possible to think of a residence that’s been the subject of a Henry County foreclosure as the real estate equivalent of a cute, cuddly orphaned kitten or puppy—one that deserves to be adopted by a loving family. You ca ... [read full post]
published February 1, 2016

Buying Your First Henry County Home: More Doable Than You Think!

For Henry County first home buyers who are of a certain age (for the moment let’s call that 40+ or so), the prospect of making such a prodigious commitment should be less intimidating than for the younger set. You have been around for long enough to have seen t ... [read full post]
published January 31, 2016

New Year’s Frame of Mind (and Henry County Real Estate)

For Henry County first home buyers who are of a certain age (for the moment let’s call that 40+ or so), the prospect of making such a prodigious commitment should be less intimidating than for the younger set. You have been around for long enough to have seen t ... [read full post]
published January 29, 2016

When a Henry County Listing Goes Nowhere, Two Action Guidelines

Suppose you had done everything right: interviewed several Henry County real estate agents and compared what they told you; prepped your property to near-perfection before the professional photographer’s arrival; confirmed all the descriptive details before they ... [read full post]
published January 29, 2016
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