Right Now, Five Reasons for Buying Your Stockbridge Home

Right Now, Five Reasons for Buying Your Stockbridge Home

published on February 5, 2018 by Ron Chastain

There’s no challenging that ancient fable about the boy who cried wolf—which boils down to a simple story about why false alarms turn into more than minor irritants when a real wolf shows up. I can’t think of a comparable fable for the opposite situation, which is when an opportune circumstance has been ballyhooed so often that a surefire opportunity is allowed to slip by.

Too bad there’s no fable that covers that situation—because I think we’re exactly there right now.

The opportunity in question is for Stockbridge residents—particularly those who aren’t currently homeowners, or who are mulling over a future move to a new Stockbridge home. Although there are always good reasons to start looking over the Stockbridge listings at any given time, right now there are five straightforward reasons why this is the peculiarly apt moment to be buying a home:

  1. Prices are uniformly expected to rise.
  2. Interest rates are all but certain to increase—most likely, soon.
  3. The overall supply of homes has been shrinking—while demand is expected to continue to rise.
  4. Rents are projected to continue to rise more quickly once spring arrives.

The fifth reason is a constant, no matter when you decide on buying a home:

  1. Owning a home remains one of the most certain ways to build family wealth.

Of course, I’m forever inclined to promote the notion of buying a home at all times. That’s for sure—and since the long-term advantages to homeownership are so indisputable, it’s a notion I’m proud to endorse. Yet with all indicators lined up as they are right now, it’s evident that we stand at a particularly rare “sooner rather than later” moment.

For those who’ve been thinking along those lines, starting your Stockbridge house hunt now rather than waiting for the spring rush will put you ahead of the pack—exactly where you want to be. I hope you will call me for a chat about the most efficient way to get started!

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